About Me

I'm Tessa, 30(something), living in Somerset with my husband and Baby Squirrel, aged 11. I'm a fan of rainbows, garish jewellery and dungarees. You can find me crocheting colourful things, mostly whilst watching Dawson's Creek.

I began crocheting in 2014, as a way to pull myself through some dark, anxious days and nights, and then absolutely fell in love with the calming, rhythmic stitching and endless colour, pattern and design possibilities.

You can create almost any vision with just a hook and some yarn; from the tiniest, most delicate flowers for decorative garlands, to rainbowtastic, bold blankets that last for generations.

My love of all things colour, vintage, kitsch and retro show through in my work, with items to add a pop of vibrancy to a home, to bring joy and to keep baby squirrels looking awesome.